Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Istanbul, Ready or Not, Here We Come!

We are about to embark on a wonderful adventure! Me, Natalia, Adama ,
Amanda and Veronique will spend the next month in Istanbul!

We've already secured an amazing apartment in Galata which is the
center of the music neighborhood with all the music shops, studios and
night clubs!

We've also arranged to take lessons with Misirli Ahmet, the inventor
of the Turkish Split Hand Technique!

I got my dumbek, kemenche, poi, fake hair and all of my cutest
outfits. I plan to learn Turkish on the plane ride over with some
Turkish language books I got (it's like 12 hours so I'll be totally
fluent by the time I arrive). I already know how to say "Turk gem
choc boktan" which means "my turkish is shit" and a few other useful

So wish us luck! If you want to be notified when a blog is bosted,
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lol. I love What you learned in Turkish so far. you are so funny!

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