Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Show at Sawy!

Yesterday was our show at Sawy! There was a medium sized crowd that was very excited and enthusiastic. Some of the crowd was there because they had seen us on Good Morning Egypt!

I started with my unaccompanied solo, then Rami and I did some duets, then we did some pieces with the girls, and as a finale I called up Henkish to play a drum solo with us. We ended the show with everyone playing together and the whole audience singing along to Salamat, Reni Li Shwoye Shwoye, and as an encore, Ana Fintizara! There were some television stations that came to film the show and interview us afterwards.

Smoke Machine!

Dueling with Henkish

Raquy, Henkish and the Messengers!

El B’nat – Amy, Fatima, Natalia, Christian, Maria, Raquy, Andrea, Bashira!

Happy Baby!

This morning we gave a lecture/ demonstration on Middle Eastern drumming at the American University in Cairo.

This evening I had a rababa lesson and my teacher said, “if you’re going to Minia, you have to play this piece – they’re gonna flip out” and he taught me a great Saiidi song that I’ll play in the concert in Minia!

Tomorrow night is our show at the American University! Stay tuned!

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