Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Egypt Adventures #4

Egypt Concert Tour is all Planned!

I’m very pleased! We have our Egypt Concert Tour all planned out! Four Concerts and two workshops!

March 4th - 9:00pm
El Sawy Cultural Center
Nile Stage (Outdoors)
End of 26th of July street (at Aboul Feda Street)
Tel 7366178
Tickets are 15 pounds

March 6th - 11:00am - master class at the AUC
Music Studio, room 539
AUC, New Falaki Street

March 7th - 8:00pm - PVA Howard Cafe at the AUC
Ground Floor, Main Campus access via Mohamad Mahmoud Street

March 9th, 8:00
Raquy and the Rhythm Messengers in Minia!
Thursday March 9th, 8:00pm
1 mustashfa el homiad street

March 13th – Raquy and the Messengers at the Cairo Jazz Club
time to be announced

Yay! We just signed the contract for the show at Sawy (all in Arabic) ! They misunderstood my e-mail and gave us the wrong weekend, so Bashira will have to get off the plane and come straight to the concert! Yikes! The great Khamis Henkish will be our special guest – it’s an honor to have him in our show!

Today it was another day of running our asses off around Cairo. We got our bus tickets to Tel Aviv, met with Zakareiah Ibrahim, the leader of the Tambura Ensemble in Port Said, met Fati Salama, and set up almost all of our shows.

I need a vacation.

Last night we went to the old market and a bunch more people recognized me from TV. We’re looking into making Raquy and the Cavemen galabias to sell in the States!

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