Monday, February 27, 2006


Cavemen in Tel Aviv! Feb 16 - 23

The bus ride from Cairo to Tel Aviv and back was a nightmare, but I don’t feel like going into detail.

Tel Aviv is one of my favorite places. We spent a wonderful week visiting friends, eating hummus, sitting in café’s, walking on the beach and shopping on Shenkin Street. It’s so clean and easy to walk around compared to Cairo!

Cavemen in Tel Aviv!

One of the college radio stations did a whole program on Raquy and the Cavemen and we played live on the air and were interviewed. Rami actually spoke in Hebrew on Israeli radio!

It seemed like everyone was in Tel Aviv– Daphna, Raquy and Basya!

We were a little nervous about the show because it happened to be scheduled on the same evening that this TV talent show had the finals, and, believe it or not, several people said they couldn’t make it to the show because of this stupid TV show!

Sound Check at “Cultura”, Tel Aviv

But it turned out to be a wonderful show. We had a great crowd (half of which was the Buchbut family) and they loved the show. We had everyone dancing and whooping and begging for more when we finished – we could not have asked for a nicer audience. And since Mr. Yo couldn’t make is because of his visa, Fishky’s brother Ofer played the bass line on a baritone sax! It was amazing!

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