Thursday, March 10, 2005


Cairo, March 8

Rehearsal on the Nile – Marjory and Azziz

Last night was our gig at the Cairo Jazz Club. It was billed as Raquy and the Cavemen with American Tabla Girls and special guests. We had Miles on the bass and my rababa teacher Fikry.

The place is very nice and well organized. They had big posters of our show all over. The soundman remembered us from LAST YEAR that I like to sit on a table so when we arrived everything was ready for us!

Then first set was ok, but there were not many people. Then we took a break and the place became totally packed! It was so great! People all crowded around to see and they were really into the music – nobody was talking or anything. Everyone did a really good job and we had some very powerful moments! There is nothing like playing a maksum drum solo for an Egyptian audience – they are so into it! As an encore Fikry played and sang an Om Kolthum song annd everyone accompanied him. Afterwards they fed the whole band a delicious meal.

American Tabla Girls – Riq Section

Today we have a day off from rehearsal. I want to take the time to work out my parts for the big concerts. I have so many solos- I want to have my shit together.

All the girls are getting Rababas! I’m gonna start a rababa orchestra in New York!

By the was Fikry the rababa teacher is madly in love with Marjory! He keeps putting his hand on his heart with a pained look on his face and saying “I love that” and pointing to Marjory. He’s already married, but men here are allowed to have four wives at the same time!

Natalia’s First Rababa lesson!

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