Monday, March 07, 2005


Cairo, March 7

Must be brief cause we have a crazy day today, but I just wanted to tell
everyone about our awesome rehearsal yesterday!

We blew off the TV thing cause we needed a night with the girls to
rehearse for our show at the Cairo Jazz Club tonight. So we rented a
faluka (small boat) and had our rehearsal on the Nile, literally! It was
so magical! Nobody could hear us so we could play as loud as we wanted
and Bashira and Mariiah danced! The temperature was pefect - there was a
beautiful breeze!

Today we are going again to rehearse with the girls, then we are going to
rehearse with Saiiid then we have a gig at the Cairo Jazz Club!

So I guess Mariyah & Bashira , Bellydanced for the fishes,
Those Nile fish were so lucky ,
To catch those 2 beautiful Brooklyn Dishes .

And don't scoop up and drink ,
That water from The Nile ,
Besides transmitting Bilharzia,
The taste is so vile.

Seems to me that The Associated Press writer,
Marjorie , sent out some "words to the world"
from Cairo yesterday. Was a good insight about
Cairo & music.

"In Egypt , they say, The RIQ CAN HEAL THE SICK ,
But if you ask me ,
That's not the truth ,
It's just a trick .

Now I'm not really sure if I believe that or not ,
But anyway ,
Raquy D. go play ,
Show That Cairo Music Club what ya' got."

And remember to give Marjory , Bashira , Liz , and
all of the other girls performing with you their PROPS. And Egypt may not know about Rami ,
so tell them that he is THE NUMBER ONE FOUL AND
that for the last 3 years , Rami has finished #1 in
The Montana Mujadra Cooking Competition.
We all know that Rami can "Ace" any Alex (Alexandria} Bamiya Bakeoff , but do they ?
Stay in Egypt as long as it takes to spread the
good word about Chef Rami being KING OF THE
Kitchen .

I think Ira sent this Blog message to you ,
I'm not sure , I'll have to look on my driver's license
to see who I am .

Good Job Natalia, I could see you all excited and everything...Enjoy your time people, take pictures at the Faluka, and the pyramids, kiss the pyramid's sand for me. Raquy you are great, I can't wait to hear all about EGypt when I see you :)
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