Sunday, March 13, 2005


Cairo, March 12

The Concert!!!!!

Our concert was last night!

We had Aljezera and Orbit TV there, both of which interviewed us and filmed the concert.

The house was completely packed – The 200 seats were all full and there were about another hundred standing.

I was the only one not standing up on the stage because I’m really not comfortable playing while standing, but I must admit it does look great to have the whole group standing like that!
Rami was so cute. He fit in with Saiid’s troupe perfectly! I bet you can’t even tell which one is him!

Which One is Rami?

Six of Osama’s family came all the way from Damanhoor (3 hours away) to see the concert!

After the intermission I made a speech in Arabic. I introduced myself and then said “Said El Artist is a Hero of Tabla.” The crowd went wild. I thanked him and said what an honor it was for me to share the stage with him. Said told me afterwards that he wanted to make a speech but he was too emotional.


Bashira, Marjory, Me, Rami and Natalia

Omar and Hummus – They ROCKED!

The crowd was amazing – they were clapping and hooting and whistling throughout the show. There’s nothing like playing Maksum for an Egyptian audience.

I had a BLAST!

My favorite part was when the whole troupe played my piece (Nubian). Said didn’t play but he stayed on the stage to conduct.


Saiid Playing His Face

The people from the American Embassy cultural affairs office were there, the same people that didn’t help us with this project one bit and wouldn’t even return my e-mails. After the show they were extremely gushy and said that the next time I come they’ll organize a concert tour all around Egypt for me!

Today Saiiid told me that all morning he was getting phone calls from people flipping out over the show.

He thinks this concert will lead to other things like maybe a concert tour of the Middle East! He really wants mo to come in the summer – I guess August is the time of year in Egypt where lots of stuff is going on.

Why do I feel like I’m going to wake up any minute and say “Wow – what a great dream!

Great pictures of the concert . It's those of us in
America who are fans of Raquy & The Gang were
there !

Everyone who sends a Blog Comment to Raquy and
The Dumbek Girls & Rami & SAIID THE ARTIST & TRUE FRIEND, will have some GOOD LUCK in their lives.
On your mark, get set , start sending in your
congratulatory comments now.
Hey Raquy, Rami and Dumbek Girls,
Congratulations on the success of the concert! Sounds like each day is packed with many amazing experiences. The pictures are great--love the one of Raquy in motion. Unfortunately, I am missing about 4 of the photos when I log on...

Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

If anyone has extra room in their suitcase for a rababa, I would like to buy one (as long as it's not too much $$!).

See you next Sunday Raquy!!
Amazing photos, worth the wait!!!
I know a video clip of this incredible concert will be made available on Raquy's website. PLEASE:) Congratulations Raquy!!! If one of the best drummers in the world takes you under his wing, you will have a great future in this business worldwide. Good luck!!
Hey Raquy, this is wonderful!! I just found your blog out there about your trip to Egypt. Wowwwowow, what a terrific experience. Can you stick me in your suitcase next time? I wanna be a dumbek girl too!

Hey Raquy,
You don't know me.. I just found you on bhuz, and bought your CD as soon as I heard the clips! I was REALLY impressed with your music.. but now I am REALLY impressed with your success. What a brave step to travel to the Middle East to perform... and what a wonderful hope for our world. Maybe if all us dancers and musicians keep working together to create beauty, everyone else will stop fighting long enough to appreciate the value of diversity.
You can offically count me as one of your groupies ;)

Ishara Gamal

PS I am working one of your drum solos now from the clip on your website. I will send a video link as soon as I perform it. In case you interested, this is a link to me doing OM Kulthom improve.
you guys are great! I just posted a review of "Jordan" I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this special album...thanks for being so inspiring and allowing my humble site to help promote your album!...out

J-Sin / editor @
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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