Thursday, February 17, 2005


JFK February 15

Here I am at the airport!  At the last minute I decided to take my
laptop even though I was so tired of my laptop!  For the last month
I’ve been working on my book all day because I wanted so much to finish
it before my trip!  And I did!  Today I mailed in my book to be made
500 copies!  What a great feeling!

Also today we turned in the final copy of the new album “Jordan” to be
duplicated.  Hopefully when I return I’ll have a new book and a new cd

Osama actually took us to the airport, which was very sweet of him.  He
felt obliged to do so because he had asked me if I could take a small
package for him to his family in Egypt and I said “sure” and he showed
up with two huge suitcases that I could hardly lift!

It’s a good thing they didn’t ask the standard security questions they
usually ask.  Imagine if they asked “Did you pack your bags yourself?”
and if I replied, “Oh no, my friend Osama asked me to take these two
big suitcases for him- I have no idea what’s inside.”

I’m expecting an interesting hafla when we arrive at the airport in
Egypt at 1:00am.  Among the people who may be there to meet us are:

Osama’s father mother and brother, bringing Osama’s mystical first
dumbek as a gift to me. Every since I met Osama he’s been telling me
about this drum – how they don’t make them like that anymore and how I
would sound so good on it.  I look forward to trying it.

Saiid El- Artist’s son
Saiid El Artist, the famous dumbek player I’m going to perform with
will actually be giving a concert in Jordan when I arrive so he’s
sending his son to pick me up.  Apparently he has organized an
apartment near him for us to rent.

Rami’s Cousins
Rami’s cousins are supposedly bringing us Rami’s late grandfather’s
Fiat so that we’ll have wheels for the month.

Andrea Zembehiko
She also offered to come to the airport. She arrived in Egypt a few
days ago and she’s been calling me and speaking English with an
Egyptian accent.  Every time she calls she has 50 seconds on her phone
card so we get cut off after a few sentences.

But before that I have seven hours in Amsterdam with Rami!  I hope we
make it back to the airport in time!


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