Thursday, February 17, 2005


February 17th, 12 pm, Cairo

Good Morning Cairo!!!

It’s a beautiful day!  Whoopee!  We’re sitting outside having coffee
and its WARM OUT!!!!!

The hafla at the airport was amazing.  We got it all on film.  Osama’s
family was just as I expected – adorable.  His mother has his face!  Or
should I say he has her face!  She presented me with a bright orange
robe and a bright orange scarf – very sweet.

And the drum!!!!! I’ve never seen such a drum!  It’s tuned too high now
– I must find a tuner and tune it – its small but incredibly heavy.  I
think the sound will be amazing!

Other than tuning the drum and fixing my hair, the first priority today
is finding a flat.  Right now we’re at a hotel in Garden City which is
about $28 a night for two people which is not bad, but it will be much
better to have our own place.

Last night after the airport hafla we got our wheels and cruised around
Cairo by night.  We found an open restaurant at 4:30 am and opened a
huge table of delicious veggi stuff – foul, falafel, all kinds of
potatoes, salads, ect.  Then we had my favorite barley tea.  The whole
thing came to $1.  Then we fell asleep to the sound of the morning call
too prayer.

Gotta go!  Lots to do today!

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