Thursday, February 17, 2005


February 15th, 7:30pm, Amsterdam

So we made it back to the airport in plenty of time!
It was actually a pleasant flight to Amsterdam.  There was a nice movie
and I had luckly brought left over tofu stuffed with mushrooms a la
Rami which was good since there was no veggi food.

My only mistake was that I decided to start taking out my braids on the
flight – you see, once I start I become obsessive about it and cannot
stop until they’re all out.   So now the braids are out and my hair is
totally knotty and staticky, and I don’t have a brush or a scrunchy!
What will I do!?!? Every one and his brother is coming to meet me at the
airport and I look like the Wild Woman of Hangui!

Amsterdam was nice – Rami and I made it out of the airport in record
time – he was determined to have as much quality Amsterdam time as
possible so we raced through.  The airport is one of the nicest I’ve
seen – it works well – no long lines and everything’s convenient.  We
put all our carry ons in a locker so we didn’t have to shlep them
around the city.   There  is a tram from the airport terminal to the
center of town.

Rami knew exactly which Coffee Shops to go to and we spent the day
going from one to the other.  It was quite cold, much more so than New
York but I felt ok with a wool sweater, a hood, a hat, a pashmina
scarf, and Rami’s scarf.  We sat in smoky coffee shops filled with
blurry – eyed people and drank tea after tea. Rami was in Heaven,

Now we’re on the plane to Cairo. My goal is to learn the Arabic
alphabet on this flight from a book I have but I’m pretty tired.

When I arrive I need to make a bee line for the ladies room and try to
fix my hair somewhat presentable for the airport hafla.

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